Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Big Red Hen

so last year for Christmas dad said that he would build a chicken resort. she has begged him for countless years and he finally gave in. when he told her this i immediately said i want nothing to do with this "project". as usually i was suckered into it. okay so after a thanksgiving dinner of guilt, prepared by my mother, i decided that i would help out. so we made the coop and ordered chickens... a few months later we had 8 more mouths to feed. you know how my familia is with the whole everything has a name bit. so if you look above you can see them. the two red ones go by the names Lucy and Ethel (try to figure out who is who) one of the white ones is Janet and the four black ones and the last white one are, yes you guessed it the Jackson five. Liz named the five and Janet. mom named Lucy and Ethel. so when the chickens are young you can't tell the lady's from the gents. so... we ended up with Satan's alarm clock. yes a rooster. my dad says his days are numbered, my mom thinks she has a new boyfriend, i think we should eat him. mm mm chicken... there is only two good things our chickens are good for, 1. to scare. they get all freaked out and try to run away. 2. the eggs. they are good and we get a lot. mom has me run them to the neighbors. but yeah mom wanted me to let everyone know about her chickens. i hope this year we don't get a cow...

glammer shots

so yeah this was the other day and the camera was sitting out when amber came over so we decided to take some glammer shots. rather than by Deb (quoting Napolion Dynamite) it was glammer shots by Liz. so if you would like to look like this we are having a 75% off sale and i can make it feel as if you are in the bottem of the ocean surrounded by tiny little seahorses... let me know. we can also rap you in a pink fuzzy blanket or bubble rap.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is Colebin J Neighbor! He is now walking and we just wanted to tell everyone.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Well, yesterday was the day that we went to the pumpkin patch at Stahlei Farms. Dan, Suz, Averi, Lucas, Steve, Rexanne, Kaylee, Taylor, Grandma, and Papa went. Mom wants me to let you know that i, Elizabeth Jane Papa, did not go. i stayed home and finished my enrichment project for Christmas. Anyways it was really really cold yesterday and it rained and hailed while everyone was there. They all took pictures and looked around at the pumpkins and played in the mud. i guess mom said that all of the pumpkins were quote "old and squishy" so they all went to walmart and got Pumpkins there. Lacey is coming on Monday so i think i will go with her, Dan, and Colebin, if Cole feels better and the weather is nice.

New blog...

ummmm hey all this is Liz. Mom and i just made this, well mostly i did she helped with the name. anyways so we are just hanging out on this cold Sunday afternoon. Dad has assumed the position on the lazy boy with his head back and mouth open. We love him. Mom is leaning over my shoulder making sure i don't spell anything rong... wrone... WRONG, or say anything embarrassing about her. If anybody has any suggestions for a "Super cool blog" said mom, let me know because i will most likely be the tech support on this new adventure.